The commercial mission for promoting your company

A strong experience of foreigners practices, the reliable professional contacts , the appropriate marketing strategy and the knowledge of the local market are the inescapable keys for and allowing your company :

- to reinforce its commercial position,
- to set up its adapted dealers network,
- to highlight image of the brande
- to have the efficient contact with the specialist publications,
- to be present seriously on a national boat show …

This job has been my hobby horse for almost 20 years, in Europe, Asia, Americas, such as my very first boat show in Miami in 1989, Dubai in 1992, Sydney in 1996 …

On top of this, I am member of the French Federation of the Nautical Industries and active member at their Export Committee, so I am at the heart of the world nautical current events …

So I would be pleased to share with you my enthousiasm and to put at your service my skills, my energy and my relations …

A few actions …

Commercial Mission worldwide with Arcoa S.A. : to set up a full network of dealers in France and in the world, to reinforce the High class image of the brand, to organize and structure the commercial process of the company … An exciting challenge !
Boat show of Mumbai (India)
With the French Federation of the Nautical Industries : France has the advantage to offer a refined image, India is full of promises for the future …
Düsseldorf Boat Show (Germany)
With Alu Marine : when you want to promote an atypical product with a strong image, on the largest exhibition in the world, you have to attract the appropriate contacts.
Shanghai Boat Show (China)
With Alliaura Marine : set up of a reputable dealer in China after many months of patience and work … China is not a country for opportunits !
Boatshow of Sanctuary Cove (Australie)
Change of scenery, respect of the nature, minds sea orientated ... To approach the australian market means to offer something new !
Boatshow of Gyeonggi (Korea)
A real will to be considered as a main nautical actor in Asia
Stockholm Boat show (2008)
Thousands islands in Scandinavia for the best pleasure of a passionate clientele ; the selection of the product is strategic !

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